Miguel & Susana Zacatecas Mexico

Susana Salinas & Miguel

I had the ultimate pleasure of photographing one of the most adorable couples I've had the pleasure of meeting. I am lucky to be connected with some really amazing artists in Mexico, and specifically in Zacatecas. A city rich in art and culture. It is thriving in the number of creators that live, and come and go through the pink city. Full of journalists, lithographers, painters, writers, and thespians.

I can't stay away, i go back over and over and over. And every time I go I get to photograph amazing people.

So here is thier gallery.

Miguel creates the jewelry he is wearing in most of the photos. I don't have links as he isn't on social media, yet.

Susana is a painter of immense talent. She can be found all of the places listed below. And her art can be bought through her website.

A video os Susans art 

Where to buy her Art HERE

Her Website


Location of shoot: https://www.facebook.com/mansionarechiga/